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JITX Training Webinar Series

Whether you’re a free tier, a professional, or an enterprise user – or just curious about JITX, we’re pleased to invite you to our training webinar series.

JITX is working on ways inside and outside the product to make it easier for engineers to use the code-based design approach and get their first circuit board completed.  We are convinced that if you are starting from scratch, it is now easier to use JITX than a legacy CAD tool. That said, we understand that change is difficult, especially one as powerful as switching from visual to code-based design of circuit boards and we hope that the webinars will help you see the 10-30x speed-up in designs that JITX users often see.  

Webinar Logistics:

You can find a list of upcoming webinars and sign-up for a webinar here on our webinars page.

Users can attend the webinar by simply using their browsers as our webinar platform is browser-based. There is no software to download which should make it easier for security-minded users to participate. We will also have a recording of the webinar available to registered participants.

Webinar Topics:

The webinars are repeated twice per week so that users around the world can hopefully make one of the times at a reasonable hour.   The topics each month cover:

  • One introductory subject like setting-up and getting started with JITX
  • 1-2 intermediate topics like how to get more out of specific features of JITX
  • One advanced topic each month such as building with specific technology standards

If there is a subject you’d like covered or have a suggestion, please contact us.  Also let us know if our ideas for future content hit what you are interested in:

  • Using generative AI in PCB design
  • Advanced board designs with technology like PCIe Gen4, USB 3.2, 10G ethernet
  • Integrating JITX into existing PCB design and manufacturing process workflows, management, and quality systems

Image:  JITX Training Webinar Screen Capture

how-to-get-started-with-jitx-replay-2024-05-29 - frame at 4m55s